June 17, 2024
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The release of Windows 11 has brought about several new features, a fresh new feel, and tools that make working more efficient and productive. Besides, many updates and new features have been added to Windows since the release of Windows 11. Below are some of these windows 11 new features 2023 discussed:

Windows 11 New Features 2023

Let’s discuss the windows 11 new features update:

New start menu

The new start menu button is the first on Windows 11 new features list. Unlike the traditional start menu that we are all familiar with, Windows 11 new features 2023 has introduced a new start menu. The new start menu is positioned in the task bar’s center. It is a floating menu in the launcher style with pinned and recommended apps. The suggestions are good.

The processor performs as expected, providing quick access to documents, photos, and apps. It is impressive because it allows for quick and intelligent answers to queries. For example, the search bar can recommend apps based on previous searches. The new start menu’s fast functionality is impressive and simple to use. If the user is uncomfortable with the new start menu, it can be switched back to the Windows 10 start menu. The new start menu has received positive feedback from Windows 11.

Newly designed file explorer

The file explorer has received an update and a new look. Everything we must has been added, including new icons, a context menu, and a command bar. The brand-new file explorer is quite convenient. Even though the old file explorer was already quite helpful and didn’t must any upgrades, a few more capabilities have been added to it. Microsoft has retained both the old context menu and the folder option. Windows 11 new features 2023 have been able to offer every functionality.

New Microsoft Store

Windows 11 now includes a designed Microsoft Store. It currently supports Win32,.NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron react native, java, and progressive web apps because it was designed from the ground up. You may also find new themes and extensions on the latest Microsoft store. The new Microsoft Store is prepared to provide a positive user experience with new features.

The performance of the previous installment of the Microsoft Store could have been more outstanding, but the new one will persuade users otherwise. The last update date of an app still needs to be seen in the Microsoft Store. The Android app is also supported by it.

New media player, MS paint, and pictures

Media Player, MS Paint, Photos, and MS Office are all new. Windows 11 is making a similar effort to remodel its first-party programs also to the OS, which has been given a new Fluent UI with rounded corners and Mica material. For example, paint, one of Microsoft’s older applications, has been completely redesigned using the new design language and looks stunning. The new Paint app was included in the most current Windows 11 Dev syncs with the other UI elements.

Besides, the Photos app has been enhanced with new capabilities, including smart classification, floating toolbars, side-by-side comparison, and much more. Finally, there are reports that Windows 11 new features in 2023 will include a single Media Player. It will replace Windows Media Player, Movies & TV, and Groove Music.

Too, Microsoft has already begun modifying all Office applications to make them compatible with Windows 11.

Voice Typing

Voice typing is one of the most fantastic among windows 11 new features list, as it simplifies typing and serves as an excellent accessibility aid. For example, you can transcribe anything you wish to write by pressing the “Win + H” keyboard shortcut on Windows 11.

On Android devices, like Google’s voice typing, which is very good, now Microsoft has upgraded its voice recognition algorithm and works. Even auto punctuation is supported, which is fantastic. Thus, give Windows 11’s Voice Typing a try.

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